Baltimore Ave Dollar Stroll

Baltimore Avenue Dollar Stroll| Thursday, June 19, 2014 | 5:30pm-8:30pm 

Baltimore Avenue is West Philadelphia’s Main Street, home to some of Philadelphia’s most authentic and unique businesses such as Little Baby’s Ice Cream, VIX Emporium, Milk & Honey Market, and Dock Street Brewing Co. Every year, UCD organizes this signature summer festival where merchants open their doors and offer deals for a dollar. The Stroll also features live music, food trucks, and street performers. Click here to download the 2014 Dollar Stroll Map.

2014 Dollar Stroll Participants

(listed in order of location, east to west)

Green Line Cafe
Hebrew National hot dogs, carrot dogs,
iced coffee and tea
4239 Baltimore Ave

Friends of Clark Park
Clark Park frisbees and keychains
43rd & Baltimore Ave

Milk & Honey Market
Bassets ice cream sandwiches
4435 Baltimore Ave

Recycled shopping bags
45th & Baltimore Ave

ZED's Gifts
Novelty gifts
4501 Baltimore Ave

Atiya Ola's
Assorted raw foods, Green Power or ginger drinks and vegan cookies
4505 Baltimore Ave

Queen of Sheba
4511-13 Baltimore Ave
Cans of beer, hot dogs 

Fiesta Pizza
Pizza, soda, bottled water, ice cream
4518 Baltimore Ave

Desi Village
Samosas, mango lassis, vegetable pakora
4527 Baltimore Ave

Baltimore Pet Shoppe
Toys and treats for cats and dogs
4532 Baltimore Ave

3 cookies, mini meatball or veggie sub, fountain drink (unlimited refills)
4533 Baltimore Ave

Gojjo Ethiopian Restaurant and Bar
Sambusa, injera roll with veggies, Ethiopian cheesesteak
4540 Baltimore Ave

Y-Not Radio
Y-Not Radio stickers
4630 Baltimore Ave

Lee's Deli
Carrot cake, vegetarian cheesesteak, french fries
4700 Baltimore Ave

Dahlak Restaurant
Injera wraps (lentil or spinach), tomato salad, spiced iced tea
4708 Baltimore Ave

Vientiane Café
Tofu satay, fresh tofu spring roll, chicken skewers, naam salad
4728 Baltimore Ave

Cedar Park Neighbors
Annual memberships
4740 Baltimore Ave

UC Historical Society
A "green" annual e-membership for new members
4740 Baltimore Ave

Curio Theatre Company
Tickets to Curio Theatre Company's Season 10
4740 Baltimore Ave

Calvary Center
Cans of soda
4740 Baltimore Ave

Gold Standard
Mini sandwiches
4800 Baltimore Ave

Mariposa Food Co-op
Banana whips, beverages
4824 Baltimore Ave

Little Baby's Ice Cream
Mini Scoops of ice cream
4903 Catharine St

Hibiscus Cafe
Berry Fruitti or Island Mix smoothie, vegan baked ziti, teriyaki pasta salad, Spirulina Hemp Protein Bar
4907 Catharine St

Greensgrow West
Edible herb plant starts
4912 Baltimore Ave

Dock Street Brewery
7 oz. Craft Beer, pint glasses (limited quantities)
701 S. 50th St

Firehouse Bicycles
Patch kits
701 S. 50th St

VIX Emporium
Hand printed "West Philly" patches, notecards, stickers
5009 Baltimore Ave

Pound Cake Heaven
Butter sour cream cake with vanilla icing
5029 Baltimore Ave 

Baltimore Avenue Business Association (BABA)
Book sale at the following locations:
4740 Baltimore Ave
VIX Emporium (5009 Baltimore Ave)
Milk & Honey Market (45th & Baltimore Ave)

Check out our mobile food vendors too!

Dadz Grilled Cheez
Mini chicken and waffle nachos, cheesy rissotto cakes, grilled cheez triangles with soup dippers

Lil' Pop Shop
Mini popsicles

Made In the Shade LeMoNaDe

Milk and Sugar
Mini cupcakes, mini cookies

Tot Cart
Plain, drunk cheese, spicy tots

The Whirly Pig
Pork croquettes, muffuletta crostini, BLT wrap, pork cheek lettuce wrap, fries, and water

Dollar Stroll 2014 sponsors